Rosie Viviana

When Rosie was a kid, it was her dream to be a photographer. She wanted to travel the world and take pictures of its beautiful landscapes.

After she grew up and became a mom she realized something. Landscapes and buildings do not change nearly as fast as people do. Babies grow up and pass many milestones. They get married and have babies of their own. Life happens so fast. Her favorite thing in the world is to photograph love (and eat cake). We don’t realize it sometimes, but it’s all around us. She's also really good at talking in 3rd person and she thinks she's hilarious along with her 2nd shooter and right hand man Allen.

I am a mom to two sweet boys Ethan + Ezra, and I love every second of it. We love food and Disneyland. When it comes down to who I am and what I am passionate about — the answer is simple, YOU. I am passionate about my clients and telling your story in your own unique way with tons of laughs in-between and making you feel like family. Over the past 10 years and counting I have had the honor of documenting hundreds of love stories from as far away as Chicago, several cities in Mexico, California and many in my home state of Oklahoma. I was born in LA and my parents are both from Guatemala so I am bilingual and love me some Cafe Kacao. Now you can find me nestled in OKC with my kiddos and bunny Thumper James. I think we're friends already.

Call me so we can chat further! Phone: (405) 519-2150

Terra Cheyenne Burditt
I do not know where to begin to thank Rosie for everything she did on my wedding day. Rosie is absolutely amazing and took the greatest pictures!
Alisha Suzanne Beleele
If you’re looking at these ratings and reading the reviews and wondering if they’re too good to be true, please know that Rosie’s talent and care deserve much more than the 5 stars we’re limited to and the love we leave in the review.
Lillie VanPool
Rosie Garcia hands down is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever come across.
Myka Collett
Not only does she have an incredible amount of talent and eye for capturing the perfect shot, but she is so patient and kind.
Jessica Jean
She clearly knows what she is doing and was able to take some awkward moments and make them look beautiful and flawless :smile: I highly, highly recommend her. You won't regret it!

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